Selling the Bike When You ‘Settle Down?’

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I often see bikes for sale with taglines such as, “I’m only selling because I’m getting married,” or “I had to choose between the bike and the wife, so the bike had to go,”  “I just had a kid so it’s time to settle down,” or something along those lines.  Part of me understands people’s inclination to do the ‘responsible thing, ‘ but the rest of me can’t help but be a little perplexed when I see this ads, because they make me question me the seller’s motives in including something like that in the ad.

First of all to use such a statement as a substitute for advertising a well-kept, reasonably-priced, bike in good condition is a bullshit move and you shouldn’t be trying to take advantage of people’s emotional responses.  Advertise the bike for what it is.  If it’s a good deal on a good bike, then advertise it as such, and let the bike speak for itself.  If  you’ve thrashed the shit out of it, and beat it to hell and back, then say so, and let the buyer make a decision with his or her money.

Much more worrisome are people who honestly believe that by giving up riding, they are somehow being responsible.  I recognize that riding a motorcycle, especially a sportbike, brings with it a certain level of danger,  and I am not trying to minimize that inherent danger at all.  However it seems to me that if one believes that he or she must give up riding in order to be responsible, then it would follow that they see riding as an activity that is in and of itself reckless.   When I hear people like this talk about riding, they make it sound like motorcycling is more a game of survival and luck than it is a steady development of good habits, control, and skill.  I don’t know if they do it to make themselves seem more badass for riding or if they’re really just squids that never evolved, it does a lot to put people off when it comes to motorcycling.  To be honest, they’d be doing the world a much larger favor, in my opinion, to work on their skill set and responsible riding than they would be pawning off their ‘death machine’ on somebody else.

Even sadder to me is the truly passionate motorcycle enthusiast who really is selling their bike because his or  her significant other demands it.  I don’t think a person is worth being with if they would force somebody they supposedly love to choose between their passions.  It takes a special kind of heartlessness to demand that somebody give up one thing they love for another, and it takes a special kind of masochistic spinelessness to give in and set oneself up for such self-inflicted misery in the future.  Man up, drop your nuts,  and resist the ultimatum before it’s too late.  Whether they realize you’re serious or actually leave,  you’ll be better off standing  up.


The Best Agenda Is None At All…

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Hello and welcome.  However you ended up finding this place,  thanks for stopping by.  I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Jondrea Smith.  I’m 32 years old, currently residing in New Orleans, LA.  This is my first attempt at blogging, and we’ll see how it goes.   Many people asked me what my agenda or reason for writing was,  and the reality is that I have none.  I write because I have things on my mind, and many times what comes up will more than likely come out.  Topics may meander from the intellectual, to the whimsical, to the entertaining, to introspective to editorial,  and anywhere in between.  I welcome any feedback–positive or negative–and I look forward to seeing where this ride goes.